30 days of artful living

So I was up really late last night working on the beautiful new environment (private blog) we'll be working and playing in for a month for the Artful Life eCourse! It's bright and lively and watercolour-splashed, adorned with climbing vines and bursting with inspiration. I'm really excited to share this gift with you.

Four years ago when I started the Artful Life, I didn't have a clear vision of what I wanted to share. My intention was to write about my process of art making. What evolved, though, was much more than an artist's diary. I found that what I really wanted to post about was the beauty of my daily life, and how you can find and create that beauty in your own life.

They say that if you want to know where your true gifts are, pay attention to the things that everyone compliments you on. In my experience, these are the very things we overlook and take for granted in ourselves. "Oh, that. Well that's easy." Yes, that's right - your gift is that thing that everyone around you notices and admires, that thing that flows from you with ease, such ease that you hardly notice it yourself.

What is yours? I know that mine is about the creation and appreciation of beauty. And not in the grand sense, but in the fine and humble everyday sense. I really am passionate about crafting a beautiful life.

This blog has helped me to define this creation and appreciation of beauty as a big part of my life vision and mission. The wonderful thing about blogging, if you're doing it authentically and well, is that it makes you walk your talk. I am living my vision in the public sphere, and this keeps me true to my vision in the private sphere.

I love that. It means this journey of blogging is also a journey of healing, and of little by little aligning my life with my ideal vision. The blog becomes a template for my best life. And I hope that along with the beauty that I show you here, you also get a sense of the journey, the growth, the sometimes struggle for alignment. This is all part of the beauty.

I'm very excited about the new ecourse I'm about to launch. It's a container into which I am pouring everything I have learned in my Artful Life journey, everything I know about living more creatively and joyfully. I have a lot to share, and I'm not holding back. It's like I'm writing a how-to book on living artfully! With lots of exercises, journal prompts, and suggestions for play. And of course pictures of flowers. It's going to be fun and juicy and packed with goodies. And YES, yes, I am trying to talk you into signing up, because you will have fun, and you will finish the course with some new habits and some new ways of seeing yourself, and, I think, a more creative perspective on your life. For real.

We'll spend four weeks together in our pretty private blog. I'll be posting daily, six days a week. We'll work and play our way through the Seven Keys to an Artful Life, with challenges to contemplate, act, and create in all seven areas of your own life. When the course is all done, you'll receive an e-book that pulls all the course material together in one pretty volume, so you can continue to work with the Seven Keys and apply them to your life.

It's going to be an immersion in artful living! Join me! Let's get joyful and creative together!

Registration is now closed for this session. The next session will be Spring 2012, date tba.

Lots of Love,

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