Living the Artful Life

What is the Artful Life?  

Artful to me implies skillful, creative, intentional, made with care, and with an eye to beauty.

Living the Artful Life to me also means living in balance with nature and our communities, and in harmony with our authentic selves.

Living Artfully means continually striving to find balance between the many aspects of self & the many roles life demands of us, and making of that striving a creative and satisfying dance.

Living Artfully means accepting imperfections and incompleteness, mistakes and moods, disappointments and losses, and seeing all these as a natural part of our path.

My Artful Life is filled with art, because making beautiful things is part of my authentic being. Your Artful Life may be filled with family or business or food or gardens, writing or speaking, knitting, running, dancing, researching, healing, or anything - it is Artful because you acknowledge the abundant creativity and possibilities for beauty in all that you do.

This blog is a place for you to come and find inspiration, ideas, space for reflection, hopefully creative excitement, and tools for living even more Artfully.

Here are my Seven Keys to Living an Artful Life, which provide the foundation for what I share and muse about here on the blog.

Love your body
Nurture your spirit
Indulge your creativity
Practice loving self-care
Create your home sanctuary
Savor your relationships
Celebrate your gifts

    Each week I share ideas, resources, and inspiration for these seven aspects of life, as well as sharing musings and reflections on my own imperfect journey towards living more Artfully.

    It's so much fun for me to have this space in which to share with you, and I am so grateful that you are here!

    So please stop by often, say hello and share your precious self through comments; it is my sincere pleasure to have you as part of the Artful Life community.

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