musings on letting go with grace

Sometimes an era in our lives ends abruptly, through some sudden outward change. Sometimes the end is scheduled and anticipated. More often, though, things shift and transform slowly around us (and within us) until we find ourselves standing on new ground. How do we know when it's time to let go of one thing so *new & wonderful* things can flow into our lives? I've been pondering this question, because I seem to find myself standing on new ground in many ways these days. I've let a few things go: an avenue of my work that just wasn't working for me anymore; a long time relationship that was no longer nurturing me; and some habitual ways of communicating that really needed to go. For a while I've been in that in-between place, just still hanging on a little bit, not that sure, a little scared and sad. Today I woke up and felt sure, and with that certainty came the relief of setting down a burden, and then, elation. I don't have to be stuck! I can step forward into new possibilities, and I don't have to keep doing IT just because I've been doing IT for so long.... no matter what IT is. I even dreamt last night that I was travelling with lots of luggage, and I realized there were two whole suitcases I just didn't need - they were mostly empty anyway - I took a few pieces out of them and then left them behind. Wow.
I wish I could tell you what finally did it; what was the key to letting go with grace! I know the things I've been writing about here lately actually have helped - tuning in to natural cycles, listening to my dreams, striving for balance, sharing my truth. I'd really love to know what keeps you moving through times of stuckness; what is your magic for letting go? Please share!


Swati said...

First of all, this picture is breath-takingly beautiful!!

How do I let go? Sometimes, for the longest time I cling cling and cling, and then suddenly let go with a THUD. LOL! Sometimes, I am automatically steered away to other directions, and I don't even know when I let go of the old.

Right now, even though I have just about started my handmade jewelry business (been making jewelry for a while now), I want to try pottery. And when I see your pieces here on the right, I want to do it even more. Maybe I should go take a short class and give it a go. Just because I work in one art form doesn't mean I shouldn't enjoy another, should I? :-)

Bronwyn said...

oh my goodness, I play in so many art media I get embarrassed sometimes at my promiscuity! ceramics, mixed media, mural painting, photography, yes, I've tried jewelry and sculpture, textiles, bookbinding, metalwork.... ABSOLUTELY you should take a ceramics class if you are drawn to it! You will probably find it informs your jewelry work as well.

SolarSoda said...

Wow ... this post is profound for me on so many levels! I never cease to be amazed at the way the energy of the universe works! I too had a dream last night about travelling although the focus wasn't so much on the luggage I was carrying as it was on the journey itself. I'm in exactly the same place in my life as what you describe in your post here.

Thank you for sharing your insight. You have really helped this reader. :-)


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