wild rose time

I wanted to share with you some of the beauty of wild rose time here on the island. It's a fleeting moment of such tenderness. The air blooms with fragrance and you feel that you can take a really big breath, let all the winter's accumulated tension out of your shoulders, turn your face to the sun, and let the whole world just seep into your pours. All the grasses in the meadow are tender green, there's a gentle marine softness in the air, and you really don't want to do anything except have a long ramble with your sketchbook followed by a very old fashioned picnic. Now that is a worthy goal for the week. I hope there is some early summer softness seeping into your life, where ever you are!


Swati said...

"The air blooms with fragrance and you feel that you can take a really big breath,"

You wrote that so beautifully :-). And its so true...when the air does bloom with fragrance of flowers, I do feel like I can take a really big breath. :-)

Shannon said...

Hi Bronwyn, I found you through Goddess Leonie…and as a big fan of flowers, I had to click on your post...
What a visual treat and so beautifully rendered through your words.
I'm feeling languid this week…all summer softness, indeed.
Glad to have to connected with your lovely site!
The Inspired Writer

Madame One Tree said...

The language of this is lovely. Thank your for this piece. My springs are rather like this, but I 'm afraid that summer in the South is not very tender. It regards humans and plant life alike as disposable juice containers.
(wry smile)


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