things to do on the full moon

Are we really affected by the phases of the moon?
Does the moon exert some magical pull on our watery bodies or our primitive minds? Maybe. What I do know for sure is that to flourish, we need to feel connected to the world around us. The practice of patterning our lives, even in small, symbolic ways, on the patterns of nature can be very affirming. For me, the cycle of the moon is a beautiful reflection of the cycles of increase and decrease in my own life.

How to Use the Full Moon Energy:
I live for those moments when the beauty of the world takes my breath away - moments like seeing a big yellow moon rising over lavender grey water at sunset. The full moon is the high point of the lunar cycle, equivalent to that little moment after we take a deep breath, before we exhale... now is the time to stop mindfully, and look around you to see what is coming to maturity in your life.

Are there some creative successes for which you need to acknowledge yourself?
Are there any bad habits that have crept up on you & taken hold?
What is ripening?
What is gaining momentum?
What has become of that intention you set at the New Moon?

Some things may need some nurturing to grow further.
Some things may need to be weeded out so those good things can grow!

Full moon energy lasts for three days - maybe take some time during these three days to sit down with your journal (at twilight?) and ask yourself that question "what is coming to fruition in my life?" Include the good and the not so good.

What are your next steps? The energy of completion (fullness) is followed immediately by the energy of decrease (waning - a cosmic exhale) - so use the next two weeks for shedding what doesn't work. Clean closets, break habits, start a diet, be less busy, undo tangles of all kinds. Look honestly at what needs to go - and you'll be ready for the freshness of the next New Moon!

Last but not least, anytime during the three days of the full moon is a great time to meet with friends, celebrate, share, and set intentions. What could be lovelier than a circle of women and friends meeting under the full moon?

I love the tradition of "Moon Circles,"
women meeting together under the new and full moons to share our joys and sorrows, our dreams and intentions, and of course our wisdom and support. Aligning these qualities with the lunar cycles can be super-powerful.  I've been a part of many of these circles face to face, and I really would love to bring the power and healing of these gatherings here to The Artful Life.

Here's how it works:
On each New Moon day, I post my intentions for the coming moonphase. On each Full Moon day, I check in for reflection and celebration of those intentions. Then I invite you to leave a comment, with your own intentions and reflections. Writing your intentions and sharing them with others will help keep you accountable to yourself, and you'll have the benefit of all the yummy energy and encouragement from the other artful women in the circle, not to mention the moon magic.

The New Moon is a great opportunity for new beginnings and goal setting , so you might want to set an intention for something you want to INCREASE or GROW as the moon waxes.

The Full Moon is an opportunity to reflect on this growth, and to set an intention for something you would like to DECREASE or RELEASE from your life as the moon wanes.

 I think you will be thrilled with the extra power boost you give to your intentions by sharing them with the circle, and matching them to the powerful symbolism of the lunar cycles.

Everyone is welcome! To join the circle, just drop by The Artful Life on New & Full Moon days, read the post, and add your intention to the circle, either silently or in the comments.

To learn more about working with lunar rhythms, you can print out the In Tune With the Moon Cue Card I made for you, click here for a large, printable version.

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An Artful Gift for You:

in tune with the moon cue card to print and share!
just click on image to enlarge , then print.


Swati said...

Oh what a beautiful post, and what a lovely gift for us all. Thank you! May I share this picture?

Bronwyn said...

Thanks, Swati! Yes, feel free to share the moon card with friends, or on your blog w/my link :) enjoy!

Artful Chica said...

Thank you Bronwyn for the beautiful Moon Card. It will be gratefully placed into my Book of Light. Thank you!

Bronwyn said...

Thanks, Chica, I'm honoured to find a place in your special book!

creativehealinggoddess said...

I love this can I have a pdf version
my email is marilynjf247@gmail.com

Yvonne said...

I just found this post! Anything to do with the moon has always caught my attention. I wonder why?
Thank you so much for sharing the Moon Card. I LOVE IT!


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