my exhibit!!! the 108 buddhas project

Some of you may already know about the project I launched in May, of creating 108 images of the Buddha over the course of one year. There's more to it, as well - fifty-four of the pieces will be "released into the wild." You can read more about it here. For today, I wanted to share some images from the launch exhibit, which opened last Thursday. The opening was delightful, I received so much thoughtful and positive feedback, and also I broke a gallery record for most pieces sold at an opening ever.

Notice that it's taken me almost a week to post these images and tell you about this? Yes, I struggle with allowing myself to feel, and express, unmitigated pride in my accomplishments. But I am very proud of this show. I will write more about this internal struggle, because I think it is something many of us live with, and I also think we need to learn to celebrate ourselves and own our accomplishments. But for today, these images.

If you want to see more images of the show, pop over to my Facebook page, and be my friend.

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