opening locked doors

I'm opening locked rooms in the house of my spirit.

For the last ten or twelve years, for a variety of reasons and without any truly conscious intention to do so, I had begun living in only a few rooms (in the house of my spirit.)

They are cozy and familiar rooms (in the house of my spirit.) Kitchen, Family Room, and a small Annex to the Art Studio. What more does a woman need?

Without any conscious intention to do so, I slowly started to forget the other rooms (in the house of my spirit.) And if I did remember them, vaguely, I felt afraid, vaguely, of what might be in them. Maybe something dark. Or strange. Or bad.

This is what happens when you lock things up. You forget. And then you become afraid.

But something happened to me this year. I can't say what or why. And I started to remember the other rooms (in the house of my spirit.) And I began to want to unlock them.

And then I began to unlock them. And open the doors.

Some were just locked up a couple of years ago. Some have been closed since I was a child. There have been a couple of rough spots in my life during which many rooms were locked down at once.

Even though I was a little afraid, I began to open doors.

It feels like a miracle, because these rooms are beautiful. There are libraries. Dining rooms with stone floors and billowing curtains and incredible vistas. There are cozy turrets filled with journals and pillows. The art studio is HUGE, I had no idea!

I wish I could give you a big ring of keys to your own house so you could do this too. But I can't. All I can do is encourage you to think about this - which rooms in the house of your spirit are you living in? Do you remember some other rooms? Where did you leave those keys?

Share! I want to hear about your spirit rooms.

(In the picture I am holding a little ceramic house I made.)

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