artful find - the journey key

Don't you love the synchronicities that begin to come thick and fast when you are on the right track?

After writing this post about unlocking rooms in the house of my spirit, I almost immediately stumbled upon  The Journey Key necklace by Michelle Nagelvoort.

Michelle's vintage key necklaces are adorable, but the really special thing about them is the story. From Michelle's Etsy Shop:

When I was 11 years old, my family was going to be moving to a new state. I was... sad that I would be leaving my Grandmother LuLu behind. When it was time to say goodbye ..., my Grandmother with her gentle style and grace started to tell me a sweet story about a CATERPILLAR who ... turned into a beautiful BUTTERFLY. She then gave me a special gift that my Grandfather Harry bestowed upon her when he left for the war. It was a key, a JOURNEY KEY. It was old, ugly and tarnished and when I asked what it went to, she didn't know, but she told me that it was special because it had been on so many wonderful journeys. ...She told me how this key would help me through my next journey as it did for her and my Grandfather.

I had no idea the amount of power that key would hold..... Eventually I stamped "Embrace" on my key, to remind myself that whatever challenge life throws my way, I should just embrace the journey... Realizing the power that this key had, I wanted to share it with other friends and family so eventually I started collecting old keys and started making Journey Keys...
To read the whole story, or get a key of your own, visit Michelle's Etsy Shop. My key is on the way... and it will say OPEN.

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