monday morning - sweet self-care

To be truly present for others, and for your work in the world, you must care deeply for yourself in body, mind, and spirit.

This morning we got up early and went up to the northern tip of the island to run the stairs on the bluff at my favorite windswept, secluded beach. I've let my daily cardio habit slip in recent weeks so it was tough but gooooooood. The islands were stretched out languidly in the already warm summer hazy ocean air, the divine silence was filled with loon and eagle, wave and wind.  Strengthening body and spirit at the same time - so gorgeous. 

Back at home I made a quick scramble with eggs from the neighbor's chickens, fresh basil and tomatoes from the local farmer's market, and some baby swiss chard from my garden.

I feel great now heading into my work day. I know you know this, but your morning routine sets the tone and mood for the day. Can you change a little something in your morning each day to bring more loving self-care and beauty to the tone of your day? Here are some ideas of morning blessings that take 15 minutes or less:
  • Take your yoga mat out to the garden or deck and do seven sun salutations
  • Cook something fresh, or whip up a smoothie, instead of grabbing a muffin on the way to work.
  • Sit outside with your journal for 15 minutes. Write in it or don't. Look at the sky.
  • Don't turn on the news - turn on your favorite music instead.
  • Stay in bed an extra half-hour ;)
What loving self-care can you add to your mornings this week?

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