2012 goals review

We've passed the half-way point in the year, and this mid-summer lull is a wonderful time to reflect on the goals and intentions we set in motion at the New Year. This mid-summer assessment has become so much more enjoyable, do-able and fun for me since I have begun to be tender and kind with myself about things left undone, even as I celebrate things accomplished.

The truth is, things don't usually turn out as we plan. A goal undone is not a failure, it is a question, or series of questions, to be asked of oneself. Do I still want this? Did I ever really want this? Is this goal coming from a place of joy, or a place of duty? Can I give myself permission to let go of this? If I really still want it, then why isn't it happening? Do I need more support? Is there inner work that needs to happen to pave the way for this to manifest? And the final question, shall I let go, back-burner it, or re-commit now?

I know it can be tempting to just shrink away from that list of New Year's intentions. You were so excited and filled up with that gorgeous clean slate feeling, maybe you over-committed. Don't be ashamed, be kind. Pull out that list and ask yourself the above questions about each of your undone intentions. Hanging on to a stagnant goal does nothing but create more stagnant energy in your life and you don't need that, especially now.

Today is a glorious fresh summer day, a New Moon day, an excellent, shiny time to RELEASE the intentions that don't fit or aren't right for now; a glorious, expansive time to RENEW  the goals you still want, let the universe know "YES I still want this," and open yourself wide to the support that could flow in to make this dream a reality. It's also a wonderful day to CELEBRATE the intentions you've brought into being. You did it! Aren't you proud?

And you know what else? You aren't the same person you were in January. Things have changed. Some big stuff has shifted. You can give yourself permission to go ahead and have your very own personal New Year's again today, July 19th, and set some brand new shiny intentions for the rest of 2012. Make them workable, make them fit. Make them true to who you are and what you really want right now in your life. Make them things you can actually get excited about. It's amazing what that new energy and excitement can do towards bringing your intentions to life.

Personally, if you don't mind my saying so, I have rocked my New Year's intentions this year. I don't think this has been just through the sheer force of will - although there has definitely been some of that involved.  

There's an alchemy to manifesting your dreams and goals. The beginning is important - begin from a place of alignment with your wisest self, and your wisest self will guide the journey. Then there is learning to walk that fine line between self-indulgence and self-punishment (it's called loving self-discipline.  I know, right??) Then there is having a really really good plan, and lots of support along the way. And a bit of luck, some grace and persistence.

This formula worked for me this year, because I was ready. I've moved some stuck energy that has been holding me back for years. I've lost 30 pounds. I've established beautiful daily habits of spending time in nature, giving time to pure creativity, and working my body in new ways (cardio! weights!) 

I've done some profound inner work that has left me feeling clean and shiny and really unwilling to allow my boundaries to be breached by negative or toxic people or just generally by crap that isn't mine. I ditched one really bad habit that had been bringing me down. And this is just in the first six months! 

I'm incredibly proud of myself. And I'm excited about the transformations yet to come. If you want to see the specific formula I used to create these changes and download a mini work-book to get rolling, see my New Year's post here. The workbook is set up for January but you can use it for any month. Have your January in August. Why not?

I'd love to hear where you are at this annual mid-point. Share your releasing, re-commiting, and celebrating here in the comments, or over on my Facebook Page.

P.S. Sweetie and I have been shopping for a boat. After all, we do live on an island. We're looking for a vintage cabin cruiser, imagining long summer weeks of exploring the fjords and islands that surround us. The inspiring words in these photos were captured on a recent marina visit.

P.P.S. There is some excitement stirring around the Artful Life:
1. Yay! I'm re-launching the Artful Life e-course in September, so stay tuned for news on that soooon.
2. Artful Island Women's Self-Care Retreats launch Summer 2013 and are in the dreaming stages, learn more here.
3. OMG I really wish I could tell you this one but I can't yet. It's a really exciting collaborative project I'm cooking up with a friend, and I think it might help you change your life... more SOON I promise!

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