magical thinking

When I'm in touch with my inner wisdom, when I'm really listening, themes emerge in my life. Different themes at different times, depending on what soul lesson is before me. And if I pay attention (I'm learning to pay attention) that soul-wisdom-theme is reflected where ever I look. In my dreams, in the books or blog posts I come across, in random comments I overhear, in my chart, in my art, in the weather, in my desires and in the messages from my body. Everywhere.

In psychology this is known as 'magical thinking,' and its a pathology. A symptom. The idea being that in reality the world does not speak to you, nor can you effect the world with your thoughts. Magical thinking emerges in people who are traumatized and utterly disempowered. The idea is that the psyche compensates for helplessness by creating a world where thoughts and feelings have power.

Well, I'm proud to be a magical thinker. The psychologists have it right in a way: my sensitivity, my ability to lose myself in nature, my deep awareness of the feelings and intentions of others, my capacity to read the world as metaphor and awareness as a great web of linked and ever shifting correspondences - those qualities were developed and honed in early trauma and helplessness. It's why I'm grateful for even the most dire and terrible experiences of my early life.

Magical thinking means I live in a magical world. I wouldn't want it any other way. Look around you for the magical reflections of your inner life. Begin to pick up the threads of correspondence. Keep a journal of the reflections that you find - maybe a photo-journal. What theme emerges? How does that theme illuminate the wisdom-lessons that are before you?

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