friday i'm in love

The gorgeous kiss painting is ©2009 Katarina Meglic, All Rights Reserved.
Hello Beautiful,

I hope that every week I can fall a little bit more in love with the world.


This mysterious dance we do on the earth, in human skin, it's like a love affair.

Deluded, yet exquisitely, perfectly real. Gorgeous, all encompassing, so beautiful. Perfect, ecstatic, unbelievably unfair and painful.

Sacred, mundane.
Prepare for transfiguration, miracles, euphoria, ecstasy, boredom, and dirty dishes. Then more ecstasy. Don't forget the mystery.

Love. I don't reserve it only for my most intimate beloveds: child, partner, buddha, pug, self, island. I bestow it widely, on many things and people and experiences - I love so much. Don't you?

SO Fridays on The Artful Life are devoted to being in love. And talking about it. This feature is all about whatever I fell in love with this week, on the interwebs or otherwise. And whatever I think you might fall in love with too. Little loves and big loves. So here we go:

1. a little love story with an unlikely protagonist:
(p.s. my daughter, the lovely Cassandra, made this...)

2. Tiffany Box Turquoise! (In this case, Benjamin Moore Cool Aqua) This colour is under my nails and in little drops on my shoes, it covers half of my living room walls right now, and hopefully the rest of them by the end of the weekend! My signature colour for years has been a delicious pale lime green. I loved my green living room walls. But it was time for a change. It's amazing how a change like this can feel really BIG - like it's ushering in a shiny new jewelbox of a phase in my life - YES! (That's the colour at the top of the post, behind that amazing painting by my uber-talented bff.)

3. White flowers (again.) I love white flowers. Right now my white garden is in full and glorious bloom. June in B.C. - the lushness is overwhelming. Even the air smells green.

4. On a completely different note, if you haven't discovered these websites yet, you are in for a treat. If I am a little bit down and really need to laugh, I go here or here. Enjoy.

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