i heart you, life

my daughter made this
Last week was a tough week.

Was it for you, too? I wouldn't be surprised if it was; the planets are conspiring to bring us all kinds of lovely life lessons at the moment.

For me it was a wild, uncomfortable ride. 

You know those times. You've been avoiding some housekeeping. Just little stuff, you think to yourself. Little pieces of self-betrayal and self-sabotage, little bits of i'll-deal-with-that-later, smidgens of it's-not-a-big-deal, and maybe actually quite a lot of not-listening-to your-own-beautiful-built-in-early-warning-system otherwise known as intuition!

Well, I got caught up in one of those, and had the opportunity to deal with a number of deferred life lessons all at once! Yay! Thanks, Universe! I heart you, Life!

But then, there's all the beauty. It always, always, always trumps the discomfort.

There was a moment tonight, for instance:

My beautiful daughter is home for a visit. She's had a bit of a rough ride lately too.

The kitchen was quiet after a good family dinner, my husband was finishing the dishes,
my daughter was sitting at the island near the sink reading some persian poetry (Hafiz,)
and I was standing behind her quietly stroking her hair
and reading over her shoulder,
reading about abandoning shame and embracing the sacred beauty of every moment.

And that is all. That moment. Fleeting, sacred, comfortable, mundane, beautiful.

That moment made up for everything.

That quiet, simple moment erased all the storm and strife and disconnects that had led up to it.

I heart you, life.


Carole said...

Isn't it amazing how a beautiful moment can wash away a day's, or a year's, or even a lifetime's pain. Love the "I love you" she made.

Bronwyn said...

thanks Carole. The trick, it seems, is to cultivate a life in which we invite, and then notice, those moments.


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