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Hi Beautiful,
To get your Monday off to a good start, I thought I'd quickly share this delicious thing that has become a regular part of my days lately...

This year I re-committed to the oh-so-important practice of treating my body with love and respect and nourishing myself lovingly too.

I'm a sensualist and love all things delicious, but I can go a little too far down the butter-bacon-bread-cream&wine path sometimes... I still love to go there but I'm working towards "occasional fun indulgence" for that experience.

My daily self-care includes lots of fresh organic fruits and veggies, salmon, soy, quinoa, free range organic chicken and local eggs, then more veggies and maybe a glass of red wine. It works so well for me in terms of vitality and general well-being. I struggle with mood and have experienced episodic major depression, so using every avenue to keep my mood elevated is a really important part of my overall healthcare. Food can be our best medicine.

So anyway, I've been experimenting with smoothies, and have come up with one that I really love, and it packs a punch too. I blend:

  • one small organic banana
  • a handful of organic strawberries (or raspberrries or balckberries, whatever is fresh in season)
  • a handful of frozen organic blueberries (we're growing our own this year!)
  • about 1 T Kefir (a bazillion more probiotics than yogurt)
  • about 1/2 C yogurt (I use plain organic nonfat)
  • 1T almond butter
  • 1 t black sesame seeds (amazing antioxidant)
  • 1 t oatbran (yay soluble fiber)
  • 1 t raw cocoa nibs (or powder if you don't like little crunchies in your smoothie)
  • a little chunk of organic lemon including skin
  • a little chunk of organic fresh ginger including skin
Blend it up. It's SOO good. I recently also tried it with Maca which is supposed to be a lovely hormone balancer (we like those) but eeeww, it did not taste good. Nonetheless, you can experiment with adding other superfoods. I bet goji berries would be good.

Happy Monday,


Loran said...

I like the new look!

Bronwyn said...

Thanks Loran, I've been trying to take my own advice!

Madame One Tree said...

This smoothie sounds oh so lovely.
I have been trying to come back to myself here lately, too. Smoothies and juices and hand made herbal waters instead of the awful things I have been putting into my body since Mama broke her hip.

B your space is beautiful.

Bronwyn said...

Hi Madame, so good to see you here again!

It can be so hard to support our bodies in the best way when we are stressed and spread thin - I know for me when the going gets rough I CRAVE COMFORT, which often means carbs and fat (like, a big chunk of baguette with brie and butter, and a glass or 2 of Cabernet) - and there is some ancient body wisdom in this too, left over from true (ie. paleolithic) survival times, so we can't get too mad at ourselves...

But the strength and vitality and clear headedness that come from true nourishment - that's the craving we need to reward. I'm curious about your herbal waters, hope you can share some of that on your blog...

And I'm really glad you like the new home I've made for the Artful Life. I wanted to create a new space, but one in which old friends felt comfortable!!


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