Things To Do on the Full Moon - Artful Life Moon Circle Returns!

The Goddess Venus, from a fresco at Pompeii, which I was blessed to see in 2001. This fresco was part of  a fairly modest urban home, under an open colonnade, facing what was once a courtyard garden. Talk about an artful life!
Hello Beautiful,
It's moon circle time again! On the Artful Life we meet at each New and Full Moon to share inspiration and intentions, and to align our energies with the lunar cycles.

About the Artful Life Moon Circle:
Anyone is welcome to join the Moon  Circle! If this is your first Moon Circle, read this post to find out what it's all about. You can also click here for a printable (and pretty) guide to the moon phases, from me to you. If you'd like to read all the Artful Life Moon Circles, click here.

The May 2011 Full Moon:
From Anne Ortelee, who (in case you haven't heard) is my fave astrologer:

"We have the most fertile Full Moon of the year, the Scorpio Full Moon, Tuesday May 17, which is simply great for making babies, making love, planting things and encouraging things to take root and grow."

So there is your brief, beautiful!  It's a nice one, isn't it? Now is the time to plant the seeds for all those wishes, dreams, projects, and desires that have lain dormant over this long winter.

Not ready for the launch? Even just setting a strong heart-intention for what you want is a great way to sow seeds. All you have to do is conjure up your heart's desire, relax, and really allow yourself to FEEL it in your body. Say the words, then feel it in your body. You've sown the seed.

Can you share? I'd love to hear what seeds you want to sow this Moon...

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