Have You Set Your Goals for May?

Have you set your goals for the month of May yet? It's not too late... we are just easing in to this month of  delicious burgeoning growth. What are you dreaming of? What lights a fire under you? What are your wishes and prayers?

May is a month of dreams come true, old roses wide open to the sky, birds in their nests, fading cherry blossoms ... I LOVE it!! May is my birth month, and as my fave astrologer recently noted, we Tauruses live for all things delicious: "love, art, flowers, relationships, butter, bacon, and chocolate."  With sincere apologies to my vegan friends, I have to say she's right. I DO love all things delicious, and the month of May is like one long delicious swoon for me, with a birthday party right in the middle. LOVE. On Saturday I will be celebrating with breakfast in the garden for my friends; champagne, chocolate, and strawberries. The forecast says the weather will be fine. I wish you could all be there too!

Here's my vision board for May (note birthday figures prominently!) April goals went really well, I've updated the post there if you're curious. And I'd LOVE to hear what your intentions for sweet May are - share them here, and the magic of the May Queen will help to make them true....

My May goals include:

In the Career and Finances Category:
  • Launch my new biz site, artfuldesign.ca (held over from April)
  • Read and implement the advice from one good biz/marketing book
  • Complete and have printed the gorgeous new Artist's Map and Guide for our island!
  • Lavish attention on this blog
  • Create a new e-course called Bloom
  • I have a very specific amount I intend to earn this month. It has a 6 in it. Think good thoughts for me.

In the Health and Self Care area:
  • Vinyasa yoga 2 times a week
  • Continue with running 3 times a week
  • Continue with daily mindfulness meditation
  • Continue with anti-inflammatory diet (Yay! I feel so good!)
  • Start some weight lifting for Michelle Obama inspired arms
  • Get 5 new spring/summer dresses, vintage sundress loveliness

In the Home and Garden Category:
  • Bathroom Makeover (April holdover)
  • Sew new slipcovers for the livingroom - I'm seeing blue and white Ikat
  • Laundry room makeover. Oh my. major decluttering.
  • Clean and cute-ify our little vintage trailer/guest house for the kids to stay in when they visit in June (kids=daughter+boyfriend)
  • Organize the ceramics studio

In the Fun and Social Category:
  • Have a fabulous birthday: champagne breakfast, italian dinner, and shopping in between.
  • Go on  a plant buying expedition with my friend K
  • Have lunch with my friend L
  • Do some ceramic play
  • Start art journaling for the Sketchbook Project Denman Island
  • Host a dinner party with East Indian food
  • Buy a kayak

Another wonderful Spring month. What's on your wish list?


Lynn said...

This is a beautiful blog site Bronwyn . Totally inspiring. Making my list today. I am a list maker by nature. Would love to see you sometime Love, Lynn

Bronwyn said...

It's great to have you stop by, Lynn!
Yes, why is it that making a list then checking things off it is SOOOO satisfying for some of us? I remember sitting next to my grandmother as she sat up neatly in her pretty bed in the morning, drank coffee, and wrote her lists for the day in a steno book. Now I do the same thing, only my bed has heaps of pillows and I write in a Moleskine...
Share your lists here if you like, and xoxoxoxoxoxox

Yvonne said...


I've been reading your website for a few months. I enjoy all the things your talk about.
I followed your lead and did goals for April and again for May. Best idea.
I am so looking forward to your Fall course but I'm putting in out of my mind until it gets closer. Don't want to rush the beautiful Spring we are having in Virignia.

Thanks for the inspiration.

PS - You hair is pretty! That was on my list for April, too... and I did it.

Bronwyn said...

Thanks Yvonne! I'm so glad the goal-setting/visioning is working for you! Yay! I can imagine that Spring in Virginia is breathtaking. It's my VERY favourite season, always so energizing, magical, and inspiring.

Lynn said...

Does Marc sell his art journals locally ?
It looks like they are expandable to accommodate bulky pages??( Bulky doesn't sound very artistic , does it? )

cheers, Lynn

Bronwyn said...

Hi Lynn, He sells them from their gallery, Dragonfly Knoll,http://dragonflyknollgallery.blogspot.com/
and they are also available at Abraxas Books. They're gorgeous.


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