happy monday...

Hello wise one,

Here are two images from my most beautiful weekend; pink rain, pink cherry blossoms. 

A couple of weeks ago I made a commitment to myself: Take Weekends Off.  For the last 6 years I have been building two businesses, a home and a studio. I've also squeezed in a one year contract job and two years of school; oh, and raising a teen! NOT complaining. I love my life, and I love to be very engaged with doing new things, reaching goals, and moving forward. What happened over the last 5ish years, though, is that things slipped slowly out of balance until weekends were indistinguishable from the work week. 

And then that just didn't work anymore.

So now I'm taking weekends off.

It feels really new, and strange. And Fridays are damn busy. But I love it!

My weekend:
  • two dinner parties (highlight: pit roasted chicken and yams)
  • one jam night at the pub (highlight: a great rendition of The Mavericks' There Goes My Heart)
  • thrift store shopping (highlight: the cherry trees outside the store)
  • gardening, gardening, gardening! (highlight: I love gardening!)
  • a leisurely afternoon drive with my sweetie (highlight: pulling over to take pictures of PINK rain falling over a lavender sea!)
  • not checking e-mail
  • watching Vancouver beat Chicago. Twice.
  • resting, dreaming, drinking bubbly, sleeping in.
What about you? Are you working weekends? When do you take time to play? Do you ever leave it all behind for a whole full day? What is your favourite way to spend your weekend? Can you make one day a week  YOUR OWN?


Nita said...

I am planning on doing the same thing! Finding balance by taking my weekends back. I work a 9-5 day job and teach 4 hours of dance classes on Sundays. This leaves Saturday only for family time/housework/errands/lesson planning etc. I am mulling it around. How to keep the passion of dance without buring out - and reclaiming my time on weekends.

Bronwyn said...

I can't tell you how much value I have found in not working weekends. Way more than I expected. Part of what makes it work is having ONE of the two days completely free of commitments, including errands, laundry, etc. At first I thought it would be impossible - but it builds on itself. You reclaim so much energy from the rest that you have more to give during the week, so paradoxically you get more done. Could you teach dance on a weeknight? For years I taught a Saturday morning dance class, and I loved it - but when I switched it to a weeknight I reclaimed family time and it was SOOO worth it. Good luck with balancing it all,


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