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Tonight's Supermoon rising over Hornby Island
Are we really affected by the phases of the moon? Does the moon exert some magical pull on our watery bodies or our primitive minds? Maybe. What I do know for sure is that to flourish, we need to feel connected to the world around us. The practice of patterning our lives, even in small, symbolic ways, on the patterns of nature can be very affirming. For me, the cycle of the moon is a beautiful reflection of the cycles of increase and decrease in my own life.

Hello Beautiful,
It's moon circle time again! On the Artful Life we meet at each New and Full Moon to share inspiration and intentions, and to align our energies with the lunar cycles.

About the Artful Life Moon Circle:
Anyone is welcome to join the Moon  Circle! If this is your first Moon Circle, read this post to find out what it's all about. You can also click here for a printable (and pretty) guide to the moon phases, from me to you. If you'd like to read all the Artful Life Moon Circles, click here.

This March Full Moon 
This month's Full Moon in Virgo is a special one. It's called a Perigee Moon, or Supermoon, because it is as close to the Earth as it ever gets in its orbit. It looks extra big and bright, pulls the tides a bit higher, and possibly affects the weather, both meteorological and seismic.

My sweetie and I have just come in from the beach. We got there a bit before sunset and stayed til the moon was well up. It was cold, but so worth it... it was very still, the water was lapping quietly, a few seals popped their heads up to have a look around. A great blue heron flew over just after sunset. The air was rich with woodsmoke and marine smells. Our feet got cold waiting for the moon.

Finally the clouds over Hornby Island started to glow, then the thin, fire-bright edge of the moon crested the trees. She was huge! And so bright! We watched her all the way up, basked in the moonbeams for awhile, then came home to shake off the cold in front of the fire.

Today while reading about this special moon, I came across this simple but beautiful idea of the symbolic activity of the Full Moon in our lives:

Imagine the Sun as our conscious mind & rational awareness, and the Earth as our mundane life and activities. In our ordinary daily life, the Sun illuminates the Earth - our rational mind illuminating our mundane activities. Now imagine the Moon as our unconscious mind, our spiritual and emotional awareness. During the Full Moon, this light suddenly illuminates the Earth - symbolically, this is a rare opportunity to see our mundane lives in the strange light of non-rational awareness.

Tonight's big, bright, rare moon is an extra special opportunity. Can we allow our spiritual awareness to brightly illuminate our mundane lives for a moment? What would look different in your ordinary, daily existence if you allowed yourself to look at it in a different light? What would be illuminated? What would you allow yourself to know?

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