The Artful Blog e-course!

**UPDATE March 20th - I'm re-posting this with a reminder that there is still time, and there are still spaces, so you can still sign up!! We have a lovely little circle of women preparing to participate in the course - participants so far are yearning to expand their creativity, hoping to overcome tech-phobia, and wanting to connect with other creative, healing women through this amazing medium... I have a really goooood feeling about the work we'll do together, and I'd love it if a few more of you wanted to jump in and play with us.... I'm also adding a payment plan option to help you with your budgeting, scroll down to find out more.... xo love **

Hello Beautiful!

I'm VERY excited to announce my new e-course!

Hooray for creative blogging, for fun and prosperity! I've been teaching some workshops lately, through my marketing job - workshops for artists, on how to create a web presence to bring your work to the world.  These workshops are all about using your creativity on the web, to create more prosperity and more connections in your life.

And we've talked a LOT about blogging. And these lovely, creative people have soooooo many questions about how to create a blog, why to create it, how to make it beautiful, how to do all the technical stuff, how to be safe and secure, how to use a blog to promote their work,  how to make a good banner, how to write a good post, and, and, and...

And what I realized is, wow, I have a LOT to share about this medium. Lots of information. Lots of wisdom gained through trial and error. Lots of passion and experience and technical know-how.

And I want to share it, because I love this stuff, and I'm good at it. Not only do I have a technical background in web development and graphic design, but I'm also an artist, a good teacher, and a passionate blogger!

So here it is. A wonderful opportunity if you've ever thought about starting a blog...
  • for fun
  • to forge new social connections and friendships
  • to share your artwork
  • to share your writing
  • to share your photography
  • to share your personal process & life
  • to promote your business
  • just to express yourself
The Artful Blog will take you step by step though the process of visioning, designing, creating, promoting, and maintaining a blog; not just an ordinary blog, but one that is uniquely, authentically YOU. Over the course of eight weeks we will explore:
  • defining your vision & purpose, your "brand."
  • designing your blog
  • creating strong visuals and powerful, authentic writing
  • all the technical stuff
  • sharing your vision with the world
  • your blog as part of your business or entrepreneurial dream
  • staying in the flow - your blogging plan
  • and more....
    Each week you'll receive written materials and video presentations  which will take you step by step through the process of creating your blog - whether you are starting from scratch, or wanting to bring new life to something you've already started. You'll have fun weekly homework challenges, and a private blog on which to share your work with other participants and get feedback from me.
    So, without further ado, here are all the details:

    What: The Artful Blog e-course
    When: March 21 - May 15 2011
    Questions: contact me
    Course Fee:  $88 USD - pay all at once by clicking below, or choose four installments of $22 - contact me to choose the payment plan option!
    Register: Right here, anytime before March 20! Within a day of registering, you will recieve a package with all the course details and some fun things to get started with before the course officially begins.


    mountain.mama said...

    This looks wonderful! I have been considering redoing my blog but just don't have space for another project right now. Will you offer it again?

    mountain.mama said...

    This looks wonderful! I have been considering redoing my blog but just don't have space for another project right now. Will you offer it again?

    Queen Loran


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