An Artful Home

An artful home for me means:

  • fresh flowers
  • candles
  • tabletop altars
  • soft pillows
  • letting the grass get long in the yard
  • bowls of fresh fruit and veggies adorning the kitchen
  • yummy smells: coconut curry on the stove, incense burning in my office, rosewater spray on my pillow
  • a clean desk at the end of the day
  • small indulgences in the bath - scented soap, yummy creams, soft towels
  • a kitchen full of friends and food
  • a fire in the woodstove
  • original art hung on brightly coloured walls 
  • growing my own herbs and salad greens
  • everyday meals served on colourful handmade pottery
  • roses climbing the walls (yes, I'm looking forward to spring, can you tell?)
  • sharing the couch with my sweetie and my dog
Here are some artful details from my own beloved home:


Em said...

I'm a huge fan of mosaic. I would love to see more of the bath.

And those pillows! This is a fun peek into your home.

Bronwyn said...

The pillows were an Etsy find, I'll look up the store and post a link! When we built our house I took on the (crazy!) project of creating a mosaic shower; it was a ton of work, it's hard to clean, and eight years in I STILL adore it. And the 4th wall of the shower is a glass door opening to my garden and overlooking the meadow,so in the summer I can open it up and it's like having an outdoor shower. Love.


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