The Ace of Cups, acrylic on paper by Roxanne MacPhail, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Hello Beautiful,

Have you ever visited a working artist's studio? They are such fascinating workspaces. I think all of us are curious about, and a bit in awe of, the creative process, and looking into an artist's space is like pulling back the curtain on the mysterious process of creation.

I am an artist, I grew up surrounded by artists, and most of my friends today are artists too. I grew up exploring and inhabiting the creative spaces of artists, and still I find them endlessly fascinating. My island home is rich in artistic talent, one reason I chose to live here!

With all this in mind, I recently embarked on a new project. Between now and September 2011, I am going to visit and photograph the studios of 50 artists on my island. The visits will be fully documented on a new blog, The Artists of Denman Island, and also on my Flickr stream.

I thought it would be fun to share some sneak peaks with you here too. So, I'm going to be doing a regular photo series here of artist's worktables - just a little taste of each studio I visit.  Here's my first installment, a sneak peak at my visit to the magical attic studio of painter Roxanne MacPhail.

You can check out the full studio tour of this fascinating artist here.

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