the green fuse

these miniature irises are blooming on my kitchen table

The next day or two are powerful times to set intentions. Not only are we having a new moon, but we have arrived at the half-way mark between winter solstice and vernal equinox, variously known as Imbolc, Candlemas, St. Brigid's Day, and Groundhog Day. This is the day that the spark of spring ignites. A day to consider:
  • what am I conceiving now?
  • where does my inspiration come from?
  • what dreams need to be brought to manifestation soon?
  • what "lights my fire?"
  • what is it inside me that has lain dormant too long?
My wish for you for the coming days is that you have time to enjoy this profound and quiet moment just before the stirrings of Spring. Time to:
  • meditate
  • bathe in a sea-salt bath in a candlelit room, 
  • sip tea in front of the fire with your journal
  • force spring bulbs or blossoming branches in a beautiful glass vessel
  • write poetry
  • refresh your personal altar and adorn it with white cloth, white candles, white flowers, and clear crystals, plus your dreams for Spring written on beautiful paper
  • adorn yourself with green and white clothes and the scent of flowers, or dress in red to invoke the spark of inspiration
  • go outside and watch the New Moon rise

P.S. The name of this post, as you may have noticed, comes from the Dylan Thomas poem The Force That Through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower. You can read the whole poem here.


mountain.mama said...

What a perfect post for the new moon and Imbolc! Must work on the answers to the questions in front of my fire because, baby, it ain't spring outside yet!


Bronwyn said...

I hear you, Loran. At my place, the spring bulbs are starting to push their tips through the ground, but I'm well aware that most of the rest of my country, and a good portion of yours, is currently getting blasted with snow. Brrr!! We must hold Spring in our hearts! :)


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