some days you need a little comfort

these tulips were 3.99 at the grocery store. they sat on my desk all week and brought me infinite pleasure. always bring home flowers.
Hello Beautiful,

How is today? Is today a beautiful, exciting, artful, creative day for you? I really hope it is. And I hope that many, many of your days are beautiful, exciting, artful, and creative. And peaceful. And full of ease.

And I know, some of your days are not. Some days are sad, rushed, messy, and difficult. In fact, if you are like most women, I would guess a substantial proportion of your days are rushed, messy, and difficult.

Today was that day for me. You know that day, when you wake up with paper thin skin, you're in the mood to remember your childhood wounds, and the smallest criticism can set your boat rocking for the rest of the day? Well, today my skin is thin, my scars are tender, and my boat is rocking. Everything's OK - just the same as it was yesterday, when I was feeling deliciously optimistic and cheerful. It's just... that day. So what do you do when you find yourself in the midst of that day?

In one of the lovely on-line circles I belong to, there's been discussion lately of what we can do to nurture ourselves on that day. I love seeing each woman's list of little creature comforts, and it's remarkable, really, how simple those comforts can be, and how universal some of them are. So here are a few ideas. For next time you are having that day.

 Some universal comforts, tried and true, tested by women over the centuries:
  • take a hot bath
  • prepare and quietly drink a steamy cup of tea
  • have a heart to heart with a woman friend
  • spend time in nature, near water
  • engage in prayer
  • prepare and eat your ancestral comfort food
  • light candles
  • fluff your pillows and make your space smell good
  • listen to music that you love
  • move your body 
  • cuddle your pet
  • write freely in your journal
  • give your nearest loved one a very long hug
  • raise your eyes to the sky and take a long, slow, deep breath.

If you work your way through this list, by the time you get to the long, slow, deep breath, you'll be feeling so, so much better.

Now, I'm off to take a hot bath.

P.S. Oh! On a more festive note... I wanted to let you all know about the *highlight* of my weekend - my wonderful chat with beautiful Tranquilista Kimberly Wilson, for her podcast Tranquility du Jour. We delved into all the delicious details of the Seven Keys to an Artful Life, while our black pugs each snored on our respective laps. Have a listen. It was such a fun conversation.


creativehealinggoddess said...

Black pug I always wanted one..i love your life.

I have been making gluten free comfort food. Such as cornish pasties and pancakes. However I have returned to belly dancing and this has really helped me. Love this course, the healer needs healing.

Bronwyn said...

I hear you, m, about the healer needing healing. Those who are in service to others need self-love and comfort and self-care soooo much...

And yes, black pugs are the best. Pugs are ridiculously devoted and affectionate, and they are little clowns, giving us healing laughter every day.

Bellydancing. Cornish pasties. Add them to the list!

DebsArt said...

oh yes, I had one of those days the other day, full of anxiety that knotted my stomach and made me want to run far far away. The list is perfect, I have a little book I made called My favourtie Things, which is like this list, need reminding sometimes.
Today is good though, very quiet right now with the baby sleeping, one in kindy and one in school. Went shopping and got matching dresses for my girls on sale. Too cute.

Bronwyn said...

OK, I love the idea of having a little book with all your comforts and favourite things recorded in it. To carry in your bag for easy reference when needed!! We should all make one!


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