plum blossom time

I love these delicate, modest blossoms, coming as they do at the cusp of spring, against grey skies, sometimes in the snow. They don't make a big fuss, the way cherry blossoms do; they bravely open their fragile centres to the bluster and cold of the March air. No wonder they are a symbol of hope and renewal. Here are some wise words I came across in this month's Yoga Journal:
I consider how unfailingly the sun offers its radiance and warmth, bestowing its rays equally on weeds and spring blossoms. Can I consistently offer what I have to give, even when my efforts don't turn everything to beauty? Bit by bit this idea is shifting my relationship with the circumstances of my life, creating rays of light that pierce through the dark clouds of unsatisfied desire and illuminate the beauty of what is. - Kaitlin Quistgaard

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