I've been struggling with sleep lately. For most of my life I've been a good sleeper; I love to sink in to my cozy, soft bed, I value my dream life, I like naps. In recent months, though, I've been struggling with light, disturbed, anxious, and sometimes sweaty sleep, and waking still tired. The lack of deep rest is taking its toll on my overall sense of well being. Last weekend I indulged in an hour with a really talented card and tea leaf reader - this was the kind of reading that gives you deep insight into the present, and access to some of the secrets of your higher self. One of the first things she said to me was "You have to start getting better sleep. You're having anxiety and impaired judgement due to lack of sleep." Well. That was it. I came home resolved to care for my sleeping self better! On the way home on the plane, I pulled out my journal and did a quick assessment of my current sleep situation: cluttered bedroom, worn sheets in a cool grey colour, TV at the end of the bed, snoring pug wedged between me and my sweetie. Also late nights, coffee in the afternoon, wine and dessert after dinner. Oh, and what ever happened to my yoga before bed? On the way home from the airport I bought new sheets, high thread count in a creamy vanilla colour, and also a bottle of melatonin. I used to have such a lovely bed time ritual, I do remember how to care for myself in this way - so over the last week I've been slowly slipping back into this really important piece of self-care. Here is a list of what I've been doing. How/what is your bed time ritual?

  • no screen time for one hour before bed
  • drink a big glass of water one hour before bed
  • long, yummy, candlelit scented bath
  • tidy, candlelit bedroom
  • fresh sheets
  • scented candle and/or incense
  • 15 or 20 minute restorative or detoxifying yoga sequence (again, candlelit!)
  • self-foot-massage with sandalwood scented oil
  • decaf tea and happy reading in bed
  • 3 mg melatonin
And hooray, the last two nights I've actually slept through the night. I feel better - better enough to be really motivated to maintain this routine of self-care. Are there any little changes you can bring in to make your evenings more peaceful?

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tamarack said...

Thanks for posting, Bronwyn. I can relate to the anxiety, the late nights, the dog (cat, in my case) wedged in the middle of the bed, and more...so I was very happy to read your ideas for rituals to help us sleep. Tonight I'm going to try the fresh sheets, tea and reading in bed, and maybe even a foot massage! Sweet dreams to us both...


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