bed day

On Tuesday, I had an important meeting. A lot was at stake. I had been preparing for months. I was stressed. It went well, and I was proud of myself. On Wednesday, as a mini retreat, and to nurture the bad cold I'd predictably come down with, I took a BED DAY. It was great. I highly reccommend it. Above are some scenes from my comfort zone. What does yours look like? (btw, my sweetie calls this kind of zone a woman-nest.)


Grah-Toe Studio~Kim and Stacy said...


You have been nominated for a blog award.. Check out my blog at www.grahtoestudio.blogspot.com for more info~
Love to you,Kimi

Elena Rego said...

Oh my god! This is a total Woman's Nest and its gorgeous! But... the best part of all is you sweet doggie, stretched out with you. Too sweet for words.


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