goddess lakshmiLakshmi is a Hindu goddess of wealth and abundance. She is the bestower of material riches and also spiritual riches. Her benevolence is complete; she has no fierce form. Read about her 108 sacred names here. I adore the colours and feel of popular hindu devotional images! Lakshmi's red sari, pink lotus, gold coins, and white elephants are so vivid and enticing.goddess lakshmi
Artful Reminders:

Soulful, artful island RETREATS for women - make art, journal, dance, do yoga, practice deep self care, learn to celebrate the sacred in daily life - all with a group of like minded women in our forest retreat at the heart of our Gulf Island... YUM!!!!!! Read more here, and join the mailing list here.

Seven Keys to an Artful Life - I'm so excited about launching this on-line circle for artful living - begins February 15th! Read more here.

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Mundo Mundaca said...

Beautiful image.. I would like to know how to enter in communion with that divinity and with another of the Hinduism.
you make a beautiful work here.


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