The day of this photo, muggy August in Northern Ontario, a wild and private lake, off the road, off the grid, a day of canoeing, calm waters, exploring a tiny island, then drifting through a floating meadow of these perfect pristine white wild fragrant water lilies. That fragrance! So sweet and clean, both earthy and otherworldly, unforgettable. I took this photo with my old 35mm with the broken light metre (my 'intuitive' light settings made for some amazing atmospheres, like this one.) I love the juxtaposition of my husbands strong, wiry hand and those delicate petals. Sexy and spiritual. Sacred and sensual. So much is there, in that image, what I love about the world.


Madame One Tree said...

Oh, Bronwyn, I pine for life in such an atmosphere as yours. Such wonderful thoughts and like minded people to commune with and sheer beauty of space.

Bronwyn said...

Thank you for reminding me how I am blessed. Not every day is a float through the lilies - but SOME days actually are, and the ones that aren't offer their own beauty if I look... and keep inviting beauty, nature and art into my life. New Year blessings to you and your artist's soul, Madame!


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