Will you just look at this crazy flamenco dancer of a flower? There's a little house along the road on my way from town to the ferry; it used to be a one room school house, now it is someone's adorable home, and there is usually something artsy going on in the yard. Today it was a little stand at the end of the driveway: "Flowers $5". Well, could you have driven past?

I needed some flowers, too. I was coming home from dropping my daughter off at the airport. She jets off to LA for a month every summer, and will be heading there longer term in just a few months. Parenting is such an incredible journey. I've been watching Goddess Leonie's beautiful, brave, and raw video journal of early pregnancy , and having the bizarre experience of feeling motherly towards a woman experiencing early motherhood. Is that a grandmotherly feeling?!?!? I so clearly remember the first weeks and months of pregnancy, being awash in hormones and mystery and brand new feelings of fear, caution, and protectiveness. I remember reading something at that time in which a woman described having a child as "having your heart walking around outside your body." Yes. It is. And seventeen years later it still is. The big surprise is how little that feeling changes over the years. We trust more, we let go more, but that open-heart-in-the-world feeling stays. So tonight, love and blessings and big red heart flowers to all the mamas who have watched their children fly.


Martha Stewart Does Not Live Here said...

Beautiful flower ! Ilike that on small Islands, people put eggs, or berries, or flowers at the end of their drive, and by honor system --the goods all go, and the money box fills.

I too have a 17 year old heart walking around outside my body, plus a couple others too. Fun times.

3pieceonline said...

Oh Bronwyn,
I too have a 17 yr old walking around outside my body. It is the most magical, spiritual, loving, fearful feeling ever. The flower does remind me of a flamenco dancer isn't amazing that way.


Madame One Tree said...

That flowers' skirts are absolutely flouncing!


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