Bill Viola

I'm absolutely fascinated with this artist. I first encountered his work several years ago in an article in the Buddhist magazine Shambhala Sun, which also featured a series of stills from his video work. In Shambhala, he said " ...(after studying Zen)... it began to sink in that perhaps art resided in life itself, that as a practice it derives primarily from the quality of experience, depth of thought, and devotion of the maker." I find his work beautiful and profound; comforting and chilling ; Buddhist and Gothic - just amazing. It will take you about 15 minutes to watch these three videos, and it is time well spent. The third video here is an interview with Viola about the making of Ocean Without A Shore. Visit Bill Viola's website for more.

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Madame One Tree said...

The piece in the chapel so reminds of of an experience I had as my aunt was dying. I was holding on to her, singing to her as she crossed over.
As her heart took its final bow, I myself felt something odd, as if I had "popped" softly through a membrane, or a veil. The water reminds me of this in reverse.

All of this work is very stirring, very moving.


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