Ten Blessings

The Buddha in His Youth, by Odilon Redon, 1904

Ten Blessings of Having an Open and Generous Heart
  1. A person sleeps in comfort.
  2. A person wakes in comfort.
  3. A person dreams no evil dreams.
  4. A person is dear to other human beings.
  5. A person is dear to other non-human beings.
  6. Good fortune guards this person.
  7. No fire nor poison nor weapon harms this person.
  8. This person's mind can be quickly concentrated.
  9. The expression on this person's face is serene.
  10. This person dies well, without falling into confusion.
The Buddha, from the Anguttara Nikaya


3pieceonline said...

beautiful painting and words.


Madame One Tree said...

all one could ever ask for.


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