Full Moon Check-In

How have the last two weeks been for you? What have you noticed about the intention you set at New Moon? Now is the time to see what has come of those thoughts and wishes, and ask yourself what else you want and need. Is there anything you want to let go of, release, or give up in the coming phase? Will this release help with your intention?

My own intention this month came from a deep longing that has been with me for a while - the longing for sanctuary. My life is full and rich, but the qualities of ease and order have eluded me. And I want those qualities in my life! I simplified and grounded my intention with the decision to bring physical order and routine to some areas of my home. This has been going really well! Little by little I have been clearing and cleaning, bringing my intention for serene sanctuary to the areas I'm working on. It's been interesting to notice my resistance to routine and ponder where that comes from. It's been fun to bring some magic and play to mundane chores: I started mixing my own non-toxic cleaning supplies and scenting them with wonderful essential oils; I researched the energies of different stones and then got some rose quartz, amethyst and citrine to place in my newly shiny bedroom... it helps so much to bring in play!

My moon group met and celebrated. I made a small batch of Margaritas with fresh organic strawberries; we sat on the deck with a view of the water and sipped them and talked and talked about what we wanted to release from our lives. We walked down to the deserted beach and swam in the twilight moonrise. Beautiful. I asked to release disorder. This will be outwardly reflected in my continuing quest for a home sanctuary... but even as I said it, I realized the disorder I really need and want to release is my sometimes powerfully disordered and distorted thinking - the seeds of anger and depression that can rob me of my serenity no matter how perfect are my surroundings. This release has actually been a big part of my healing journey over the last few years, so I am simply asking for it to continue, for my increasingly serene outer world to reflect an increasingly serene inner world! Practical steps this moon? I will get back to my 15 minutes of morning meditation. I will keep cleaning and organizing. I will take small, manageable steps. Now, to you! Please check in, I'd love to hear where you are with your beautiful New Moon intentions. ****IT'S NOT TOO LATE! CHECK IN ANYTIME DURING THE WANING MOON (THRU AUG 19)******


Madame One Tree said...

This resonates so deeply with me, I am in desperate need of a sanctuary of my own. Clearing and cleaning and replacing and releasing within my home will help do the same for the home of my spirit. I intend.

Skulleigh said...

I had not mindfully joined in on this though I did see the new moon post. But I realized when I saw your post today in my RSS reader that I must have internalized something - this last few weeks I've been slowly re-vamping my craft studio. I'd do one thing, and it lead to another, and another... until I'm at a point where I think I can finish up tonight and be back where I can efficiently create in there! There's some things I will still want to do here and there, but I love where it is now so much!

Bronwyn said...

Oh, thank you, Madame, and Skulleigh, for sharing your thoughts. I'm so so glad this idea of sanctuary has resonated for you, it's great to share the journey. Here's to safe shiny authentic spaces in which to live & create!!!

3pieceonline said...

I pray I am not too late to chime in. I have been working on my new moon intention of creating abundance in my life by stepping out in new areas that are outside of my comfort zone (writing more in the public design space). I have also worked on creating abundance creatively by not restricting myself when a new idea presents itself. I have taken steps to learn new trades as well as enhance the ones I know.
Bronwyn, your sanctuary intention resonated with me because I work on creating and protecting my sanctuary constantly (for my sanity). So glad to participate and sorry for the long post.


Bronwyn said...

j, it sounds like you are challenging yourself... i love the idea of courting abundance through expansion and creativity and calculated risk. Yes! thank you for sharing inspiration w/the circle.


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