happy birthday & plans for growing....

coconut & orange cupcakes made with love by me and my daughter, sitting on colourful blossomware made by me! hand made yum.

May is my absolute hands down favourite month. Roses, peonies, apple blossoms, deliciously scented air. The return of warmth, sunshine, and birdsong, the twinkle and freshness of light rain on new leaves. Planting and celebrating. May Day, Beltane, Cinqo de Mayo, Mother's Day, oh, and right in the middle of it all, on the 14th, my very own birthday! As well, May 23rd is the birthday of the Artful Life Blog!!!! Yay!!!! I am sooo creatively inspired this year, and have many projects simmering away in home, studio, sketchbook, imagination, and *heart*. One of them I'm very excited to share with you, because it has to do with this Artful Space. I REALLY want it to grow. In my very first post almost a year ago, I set the intention for this space: " My intention is to create a space here which is beautiful, a refreshment for eyes and heart, a place full of resources and inspiration... (as artful women) we are creating magical lives which blend home&work&play&relationship&selfcare&art.... I want to reach out to other women who are playing with this potent life blend - I want to hear your voices, and share my own journey, discoveries, insights, and questions." This year, I want to do even more to make this happen! I want to share more, create more, give more, receive more, and open this space up to an even larger community of amazing artful women. I have BIG yummy gorgeous plans and ideas for what this space can be and become over the next year. First of all, to celebrate the fact that this space is the domain of Artful Women, we are now publishing under our own domain, artfulwoman.com. YAY!! Now, I want to know, how would YOU like to see this space grow? What would you like more of? What would serve to inspire YOUR artful life? Please do tell. And then go out and smell the apple blossoms.

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