nurturing ourselves on mother's day

My blessings to you today if your kids brought you breakfast in bed (and then cleaned the kitchen.) Blessings if you're just heading out for lunch then a pedicure with Mum, or if like me, you got the most terrific card in the world (above.) Blessings to you especially if this isn't your reality. Maybe, like my sweetie, your mum is far away, in the hospital, and too sick to talk on the phone. Maybe it's your first year without your mum, or maybe you aren't able to be together lovingly, for one of a million different possible reasons. For both mothers and daughters, and maybe especially for those of us who are both mothers and daughters, this day can be fraught. Today is a beautiful sunny day, I hope, that brings you some ease and celebration, and some family intimacy, some chocolate and champagne... Maybe the day also brings an extra awareness of that soft spot, the open heart, the young part in all of us that still craves unconditional love and nurturing, wisdom, and the power to chase the monsters away. So many of us truly need to learn to mother ourselves well. So my Mothers Day wish for you is that you begin to find this ultimate nurturing in yourself. I wish for you the gift of some time to yourself today, with a cup of tea and your journal, so you can begin to answer these questions:
  • What part of me still needs nurturing? (my body, my playful side, my inner artist, my innocence, my health?)
  • Am I nurturing that part, or am I waiting? What am I waiting for?
  • What can I do today to begin to nurture myself better? (make an appointment with my doctor [or therapist or financial adviser or lawyer or massuese...] , schedule a personal day, buy a new journal, sign up for a dance class, hire a housekeeper, forgive myself..)
I'll leave you with some wonderful art-eye-candy for mum's day - these are a few of the pieces from a mail art show, Mother Madonna May Queen, that I curated a few years back. It opened on Mother's Day, and the challenge that went out to the mail artists was "send me a picture of a mother you love...". ( By the way, if you don't yet know about the wonderful world of Mail Art, you're in for a treat. I'll post about it soon!!!)

by Lu Minoti

by Patricia Kambitsch

by Carole Reidby Patricia Kambitsch

by Carole Reid

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