8 ways to nourish body and soul

Some days are challenging. Sometimes our soul is calling to us to transform, or our dreams are calling us to step up, our relationships are calling us to grow, our body is calling us to listen, our work in the world is calling us to stretch.

These times of extra challenge are often painful. Growth can hurt, change can hurt too. But growth and change are good. And inevitable.

It is during these times of growth and change that we most need to be tender with ourselves, we need to deeply nourish ourselves. If you are in one of those times of growth and change now, maybe this modest visual list will help you - my ways to nourish body and soul when life makes me tender.

Nourish your body with
fresh juice,
whole foods,
and sensual flavours.
Nourish your soul with
time in nature,
time with a friend who loves you unconditionally,
prayer and meditation,
time for solitude and relaxation,
time to confide in your journal.

1 comment:

dancing mom said...

Thank you bronwyn i get so much from every post thx for reminding me whats important in life!


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