please honor yourself, your life is precious. yes, you.

So I was up late last night surfing the internet. It happens. Usually I stay in my own happy corner of the great interwebs, my corner being a galaxy full of gorgeous creative women striving to care for themselves and the world and make beautiful things. There are so many of us here, and it makes me really happy.

In life, and on the web, I work hard to stay out of toxic places. I strive to feed my mind, body, and spirit with beauty and love and hope. I used to hang out a bit in darker places when I was younger, because I was much more jaded and ironic then. Now I prefer to stay in the light. It works for me. It helps me make beauty and serve the world better.

Anyhoo, sometimes I fail. Like I get sucked in and watch entire episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras. This tends to happen when I'm very very tired. SO last night I was very very tired and I stumbled upon a hip column on a hip website written by an apparently very hip young woman who is wealthy and beautiful and apparently somewhat gifted and who has gotten a lot of attention and praise for her essays about her life as a junkie. Her life now as a junkie. And all the dirty glamour that entails.

Being in my toddlers and tiaras mood, I went ahead and read about seven of her columns.

Then I felt ill and really, really, really, really sad.

Waking up this morning I still felt a bit ill and sad. I don't really know what to do with this sadness, it's a big sort of existential mama-goddess sadness for all lost girls and boys, for all who think dishonoring the precious self is fun or sexy, for all who have lost themselves or someone they love to addiction, for all of us, really, for all our stumbling and craving.

So I just wanted to reach out to you today and remind you to please honor yourself. Even if you are in a place today where you can't really see your own worth, it is there. You are precious. Please be gentle and kind to yourself. Please feed yourself on what is good and whole and beautiful. Please be brave enough to open yourself up to the light. You really do deserve to bask in the light.


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