monday morning sweet self-care

To be truly present for others, and for your work in the world, you must care deeply for yourself in body, mind, and spirit.

Today I just want to remind you that caring for yourself is not a trivial pursuit.  As I write and talk more and more about self-care for women, what I'm noticing is that everyone says it's a good idea, but most people still have it on the 'luxuries' list, not the 'necessities' list. And I'm going to go ahead and say this: I think one of the reasons we keep it there is because society actually rewards us for neglecting our self-care. Imagine these two women:

"I just worked an eighty hour week, took care of my sick Mom, and harvested and canned all the tomatoes in the garden by myself! I'm exhausted! I wish I had time for exercise but of course I don't!"

"I stood up and told my boss I couldn't work any overtime this week, my personal time is more important. I got respite care for Mom, and invited friends over to help with the tomato harvest. I made it to two yoga classes and had a massage."

So tell me, which of these ladies is going to get all the praise and encouragement? Honestly? And which one might be subject to some cool or possibly even resentful responses?

Please think about this. Self-care can be a bit of a subversive act. But it is definitely not a luxury.

As always, feel free to share your self-care intentions for the week here, or on the Artful Life Facebook Page.

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