monday morning sweet self-care - how do you stay calm?

To be truly present for others, and for your work in the world, you must care deeply for yourself in body, mind, and spirit.

Last week, I told you about my goal to get through this potentially stressful time of pressure and deadlines without freaking out. Freaking out has been my default setting for dealing with pressure, especially at the end of important projects.

I'm learning so much simply by challenging myself to do it differently this time - respond differently, think differently, do differently. No, I'm not stress free right now, with ten days to go until my opening! But I am much more aware of the anxiety when it arises, which means I have lots more options for how to deal with it. I'm excited about setting a new pattern, so in the future I can embrace times like these as busy and exciting, instead of dreading the stress.

So, I encourage you to reflect on what your default setting is for stressful times. Do you freak out and allow anxiety to overwhelm you? Do you withdraw and go numb and become unable to enjoy the process? Do you throw yourself into your commitments and drop your self care? If you are aware of the pattern, you are empowered to change it. It's amazing the transformations we can trigger simplyby watching ourselves with honesty and compassion.

What are your self-care goals for the week? What is your pattern for moving through stressful times? Are you ready to change it, or have you found something that works?  Share here or on the Artful Life Facebook Page. Have a fabulous, calm, delicious week!

PS I just announced the launch of my NEW Artful Life ecourse, which begins September 15.
The course is expanded and enriched and I'm very excited to share it with you. During the course, we'll be putting together a customized self-care plan for your coming year. Plus lots of other fun things! Read all about it here.

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