July at The Artful Life

I have a big, lovely ceramics studio on the property, plus a dedicated craft room/office in the house, but often, my favourite place to work is at the dining room table. Yesterday I spent the afternoon here painting porcelain cups for the 108 Buddhas Project, with the big 'barn' door wide open letting in the sun. I drank numerous cups of tea and had Netflix going in the background. This is a very comforting way for me to work, and I needed to just go with what felt good. The painting on this cup, by the way, is based on a buddha from the murals at the Horyuji Monastery in Japan, from the early 7th C. What do you think?

July has been a big busy month around here. I've been here at The Artful Life almost every day, so I thought I'd run down the highlights in case you missed something!

I started a new series about healing from depression, and the response so far has been pretty powerful. You can read the post so far here.

I announced two new offerings!!!
Artful Island Retreats, glorious self-care pampering getaways for women...
The NEW Artful Life ecourse, a one-month intensive on living with more creativity and joy.

And, thanks to all this goodness, The Artful Life had its biggest busiest traffic month ever. I'm so happy to be sharing this space with more and more of you beautiful artful women. I've also been lavishing more attention on the Artful Life Facebook Page, so pop over and Like it to fill your stream with self-care reminders, love notes, and of course flower photos... you are also welcome to Be My Friend over there too, if you want to see a bit more about my daily realities....

August is next! It's going to be beautiful!!!

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