Louie Pepperstorm - In Appreciation.

photo and artwork by Jennifer Lewis

If you're like me (and I think you are, a little bit) you are a creative and engaged woman who spends some time on the interwebs - and you've made some 'virtual' friends. You've connected with creative women that you may not know IRL (in 'real' life) but who are nonetheless real inspirations, real friends, real mentors, real connections.

Jennifer Lewis (Louie Pepperstorm) was one such creative woman for me. I only knew her through her blog and Facebook page. I connected with her through another 'virtual' friend, who suggested that she was someone I should know.

I immediately felt some kinship with her - she was a ceramic artist, a painter, a dynamic, earthy, powerful, and spiritual woman. She was prolifically creative and positive. We were the same age, and shared the same birth name.

I followed her work and life with great admiration and attention.

Last week I was shocked, horrified, and saddened to hear of her unexpected death.

I'm writing this post because I simply wanted to share my humble appreciation for Louie Pepperstorm's (Jennifer Lewis's) art and her strong positive energy and influence on my life. My heart breaks for those who were close to her and the loss they must now endure.

I wanted to share some images of her work with you, so you too can benefit from the beauty that she was. All the images published here are from her blog and website linked above. I encourage you to visit to see more of her vibrant talent.

painting and sculpture by Jennifer Lewis.

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