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A few months ago, an editor over at Blue Mountain Arts sent me a copy of this sweet little book, and asked me if I'd like to look at it and review it on The Artful Life. Well Yay! I love new books! I love creativity and colour and positivity! So here I am, finally getting around to sharing this with all of you.

This is a book you want on your bedside, or the bedside of your guest room, or in your comfort drawer. It's a book to be dipped into casually for inspiration. It's full of quotes about creating a joyful life - there's a lot of variety too, from Lao Tzu to Queen Latifah! I'll be honest - not every quote is a literary masterpiece, but every one has a nugget of positivity or encouragement, so it's all good.

What you can't tell from the pictures is that the book is printed on really nice heavy watercolour type paper, with a slightly different colourway on each page. There's lots of room in the margins too. So here's my idea: I think it would be really fun to work into this book with some art journaling - drawing  your own notes and sketches and ideas  and paintings and collages in the margins around the quotes. The book would make a good gift on its own, but with your unique insights, doodles, and additions in the margins, it would make an amazing gift. I think it would be an especially good gift for a young woman who's not quite a teenager - a girl at that very special, introspective and sentimental stage of life. Package it with some great art pens and a glue stick, and journal in the first few pages to get her started.

But this book here, it's going to be a gift for one of you. I've thumbed through it a bit, and even dog-eared my favourite page, but it's still pretty pristine. And I'm ready to send it to you, where ever you are in the world!

Here's what to do: just pop over here and "Like" my new Artful Life Facebook page. Everyone who likes my page between the publication of this post and 8 pm PST on June 28th will be entered, and I'll choose a winner at random and let you know the results on the 29th! Good Luck! And be happy!

Remember that transformation
is not only possible,
but it happens every day -
think of butterflies, seeds,
and springtime.

Our world is full of new beginnings.
It is larger than any of us can comprehend.
Take heart, believe in big skies
and wide-open spaces,
and hold on to the promise
of mysteries and magic.
There is space for your dreams to grow.
The future may astonish you.
~ Rebecca Brown, in How to Be Happy No Matter What!

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