my word for 2012

Fearless like Siddhartha sitting in meditation under the Bodhi tree, gazing unflinchingly at the turbulent river of his own consciousness. Fearless like the warrior goddess Athena whose weapons are her wisdom, her sense of justice, her autonomy, and her far-seeing, beautiful grey eyes.

And also fearless like a child learning to walk, willing to fall with each step and keep laughing with joy. Fearless like all those ordinary people in the Palliative Care wing, facing into the ultimate change with grace and courage.

Fearless. Not reckless, not lacking in caution or discernment, not arrogant - fearless; unwilling to allow my thoughts, decisions, and actions to be ruled by fear. Willing to take risks, willing to make changes, willing to fail, and to succeed, refusing to be held back.

And you? What is your mantra for this year of transformation?

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