making a cozy sewing machine cover with song birds

Last week I found this photo over at Geninne's Art Blog (I love her); it's an adorable cozy she made for her sewing machine. I immediately wanted to make my own, inspired by this one!

One of my projects for the winter is to get all my for-fun-not-for-work art and craft supplies out of the ceramics studio, where I really don't use them, and into my new home office, neatly organized, and ready for winter evening craft fun.

A strategy I use to get myself moving on projects is to start with the fun.

It might seem more sensible to start working on my home office by cleaning, decluttering, and painting - yet, if I start there, it's likely that I'll wait a lot longer to start, because I don't actually want to spend a rainy winter weekend cleaning. I'd rather have fun. So what works for me is to start with a fun project like making a sewing machine cozy.  Then I'll likely get really excited about cleaning and decluttering, to make a home for for the new fun sewing machine cozy. Good strategy, right? It's like starting with dessert.

So I spent yesterday evening and this morning making a Gennine-inspired cozy, with my own flowery vintage twist.  I got out my stash of vintage fabrics and found some really cute florals in happy colours, as well as a hand embroidered table runner with sweet blue songbirds. I made a quick-n-dirty paper pattern with scotch tape and printer paper and got busy. Here are the results:

 What do you think? I love it, and I'm so inspired now to do some cleaning and painting to create a worthy home for this new loveliness. Is there a fun project you can do this week to get yourself inspired?

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