being present: witnessing death, savoring life.

We received news today of another death in our extended family. This unexpected passing leaves three teen children without their father.

I have to wonder why we work so hard in our society to shut our eyes to the ordinary, daily reality of death. Our entertainment consists of  weird gory/glamorous fetishization of death (CSI et al,) and yet we turn our backs to the mundane, far from glamourous, but very real face death.

I believe this denial impacts not only our abilty to deal in healthy ways with death and grieving when they occur, but also our capacity to fully enjoy life and be present in the precious moments we do have with our loved ones.

I am sorry to bring a somber moment to your Saturday morning. Yet I believe if we can be truly present in and aware of all the moments of life, we will live more fully, more joyously, more artfully. We will be able to be more present for those who are in grief, and those who are dying. We will savor our moments of ordinary beauty all the more.

What can you do today, right now, to savor your precious aliveness? What can you do today, right now, to savor your time with those you love? Go do it!

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