New Moon, Compassion Rose, and some fun.

'Compassion' rose, climbing the post-and-lintel entrance to my front patio. Sooo fragrant!!
Yesterday's New Moon in Virgo was a great opportunity to set intentions around health, daily habits, details, and how we organize our lives. (For more on setting New Moon Intentions, see this post!)

I celebrated by playing with a fun exercise from Kimberly Wilson's book Tranquilista.  I made two lists; the first was a list of the top ten ways I spend my time. The second was a list of the top ten ways I'd like to spend my time. Then I reflected on where the lists meshed,  and on how to create a daily life routine that looks more like list #2. I found a lot of it is simply about giving myself permission to spend time with the activities I love. I also reflected that mindfulness is the best time management strategy... if we are truly present and engaged in each task we do, if our focus is clear and single-minded, the flow of time is easier, and almost miraculously, more gets done with less stress. Which in turn opens time for more joyous and fulfilling activities. Try it! And try this deceptively simple exercise - it's powerful.

Oh, and if you're riding the Virgo planning-and-organizing wave, you might want to check out these pretty and free downloadable planner pages from Crystal Wilkerson!

Happy Monday!

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