Have You Set Your Goals for July?

Well, you may have noticed that the "Goals" post never materialized for June. That's just how my June was... lots of plans derailed, it was a bit of a rough ride - I certainly ended up doing a lot, but it wasn't anything I had on my list! Sometimes (often?) life is just like that.

My lists and goals give me a sense of security and accomplishment - but really they are just guesses - conjectured maps of unexplored coastlines.

I'll be awhile absorbing and implementing the lessons of this June. It was big month for personal growth, for release, soul-learning, letting go, and for surprises, some nice, some not-so. June did not fit on to two neat pages of my journal.

So, mentally and emotionally at least, I am giving July some extra space too. I want some space for my soul growth, for my creativity. I need some space to stand tall. I need to de-clutter and simplify - and I don't mean just my cupboards and drawers - I mean my mind, my to do list, my work schedule, my social life, my expectations of myself and others. It all needs to be simplified.

For ten days this month I am going off grid, to my sister in law's private lake. No computer, no phone, no to-do list. Just lake swimming, big family meals, fishing, long hot afternoons under the shade trees with a couple of beers and good company. A few trashy novels. A real summer vacation - my first in a decade.

For the rest of this month, I am going to allow myself some space to dream and create.

What is your July looking like? Are you setting goals or letting go? Doing, dreaming, or a bit of both? I'd love to hear.


PS Some of the things I'm going to be dreaming/creating this month are yummy new Artful Life things - a new e-course, and, getting back to offering some women's retreats... do you want to hear about this stuff when it comes out? Join my mailing list. Do you want to have some input on content? Let me know what YOU would like to see for an Artful Life retreat or new e-course - either in the comments here, or by e-mailing me.


Luna Raven said...

The mot important things I did for July were set a theme for the month and sign up for a sewing class I've wanted to take for a year! I think these two things are a perfect jumping off point for where I'm trying to go!

Carole said...

Sounds like you'll have a lovely July. We are meeting up with family to help celebrate two 40th wedding anniversaries and then off to visit friends. We have a house/cat/bunny sitter coming so all my domestic worries will be behind me! Yay!

Bronwyn said...

@ Luna - so... what is your theme???

@ Carole - ah yes, hooray for the power of delegating! I hope you have a wonderful getaway...


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