friday i'm in love

Hello Beautiful,

I hope that every week I can fall a little bit more in love with the world.


This mysterious dance we do on the earth, in human skin, it's like a love affair.

Deluded, yet exquisitely, perfectly real. Gorgeous, all encompassing, so beautiful. Perfect, ecstatic, unbelievably unfair and painful.

Sacred, mundane.
Prepare for transfiguration, miracles, euphoria, ecstasy, boredom, and dirty dishes. Then more ecstasy. Don't forget the mystery.

Love. I don't reserve it only for my most intimate beloveds: child, partner, buddha, pug, self, island. I bestow it widely, on many things and people and experiences - I love so much. Don't you?

SO Fridays on The Artful Life are devoted to being in love. And talking about it. This feature is all about whatever I fell in love with this week, on the interwebs or otherwise. And whatever I think you might fall in love with too. Little loves and big loves. So here we go:

1. Summer!  Summer, Summer, Summer. We had a very long cold Spring here, that just ended, like, last week. Now finally I can walk in the grass barefoot, wear my cotton dresses, and feel that delicious sense of surrender and deep body relaxation that you just can't quite get to when there's a bit of a chill...  question for the comments section.... what do YOU love about Summer?

 2. These paintings (I saw the show yesterday) by Denman Island artist Rodney Devenish just perfectly evoke that feeling of surrendering to the heat - the vivid underpainting peaks through here and there, creating an atmosphere of glimmering heat, sunlight reflected off a hot mirrorlike sea - yum - I want to go sit under one of those umbrellas with some coconut water.

3.  Next time you are walking on the beach, remember this amazing image... this is what sand looks like up close! I love the magic of these tiny jewels. I am imagining fairie necklaces made of them.

So Happy Summer! For more Summer, go see my 10 Things To Do on a Summer Saturday.

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