Ten Simple Cures for A Bad Day

Hello Beautiful,

You already know these cures, I just wanted to remind you. In case you, or someone you know is having a bad day right now. I want you to feel better and stronger, and your Wise Self wants you to feel better and stronger. And if you are already feeling better and stronger - yay! Tuck these in your back pocket for another day.

1. Move Your Body
Run, dance, walk, roll down a hill. Go to a yoga class, or just start boogeying in the livingroom. Bellydance. Jump on your kids' trampoline. Get breathless. You know it helps.

2. Be in Nature
Nature is patient and infinitely healing. Give her the chance to speak to you. If nothing else, the sky is always there. The sky is a great wilderness that surrounds you. Just look up. See Number 10.
3. Make Comfort Food
Yes, I've said it before. Now go make soup. Or that thing your grandmother always made.
4. Ask For Help
Call your best friend. Make that therapy appointment. Pray. Ask for advice in your status update. Google it. Call your grandmother and get that recipe. Pray some more. Make a list of everyone who supports you, then drop them a note, saying "Thanks for supporting me."
5. Get Some Touch
Ask for a hug, or give a hug. Hold hands. Cuddle with your dog/cat. Schedule a massage.
6. Create Sanctuary 
It's essential to have  some place in your life that is a little oasis of privacy, order, and peace - a physical representation of that safe core within yourself. It might be a whole room, or a tabletop shrine, or a corner of your garden - if you don't have a place like this, can you create one? Give yourself that gift.
7. Give Back
Be there for someone else. Do some service. Make a contribution.  If it involves some physical work, even better.

8. Make Tea
My ancestral strategy for healing all wounds. Make tea for yourself. I'm talking black tea, in a pot, with cream and sugar. Serve it in a heavy mug. Drink it slowly, with a friend.
9. Do Your Flow Activity
Your flow activity is that thing you love to do so much that when you do it, you lose all sense of time, and the world disappears. Go do that thing.

10. Breathe.


Carole said...

These are such simple cures that I sometimes forget or possibly don't want to remember so I can whine and pout and climb into bed! :)

risa said...

Hi! Bronwyn!

Nice to meet you.
This is the first time to leave a comment.
I could remind the Goddess in me, and actually I feel a little bit blue today. so this post brought me up!
Thank you so much, Bronwyn!

from Japan


Bronwyn said...

@Carole - climbing into bed is Cure #11 !! Sometimes it's just what's called for.

@risa, I'm so glad to help brighten your day! Thanks for visiting!


Loran said...

Well done, Bronwyn. Good reminders.


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