friday i'm in love

Hello Beautiful,

I hope that every week I can fall a little bit more in love with the world.


This mysterious dance we do on the earth, in human skin, it's like a love affair.

Deluded, yet exquisitely, perfectly real. Gorgeous, all encompassing, so beautiful. Perfect, ecstatic, unbelievably unfair and painful. 

Sacred, mundane. 

Prepare for transfiguration, miracles, euphoria, ecstasy, boredom, and dirty dishes. Then more ecstasy. Don't forget the mystery.

Love. I don't reserve it only for my most intimate beloveds: child, partner, buddha, pug,
self, island. I bestow it widely, on many things and people and experiences - I love so much. Don't you?

SO Fridays on The Artful Life are devoted to being in love. And talking about it. This feature is all about whatever I fell in love with this week, on the interwebs or otherwise.  And whatever I think you might fall in love with too. Little loves and big loves. So here we go: 


1. I'm loving this wonderful book, by the late Chogyam Trungpa, a teacher whose work has been tremendously influential in my life.

I love the humourous, loving, and straight-up delivery of this Buddhist wisdom. You can read some excerpts here, to get a sense of Rinpoche's strong voice, at once comforting, alarming, and wise.

2. See that gorgeous white flower above? That's the clematis on the wall outside my front door. I planted it four years ago, and it rewards me every June with hundreds of enormous, pristine white blooms. I love it. People stand transfixed at my front door. "What do you feed it?" Just lots of love.

3. These came in the mail today (and just in time, as our postal workers are now on strike!) Aren't they CUTE???? I love them. They are my new Moo Mini Cards for The Artful Life.  I love Moo. 100 of these cards, in lots of different patterns, came in an elegant little box, all for just 20 bucks. They're so cute! Did I say that?

4. I love this blog:
 It's a totally unique and gorgeous vision. Go see.

What are YOU in love with this week? Tell us!

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