did you set your goals for the month of April yet?

This fun page came about while I was Skyping with my daughter this morning. We were showing each other our to-do lists (yep, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...) and we simultaneously came up with the idea of setting and sharing our April goals, since it was the first of the month. And the conversation went something like this:

Yay, OK, lets make categories...ooohh, and we can use coloured pens...VISION BOARDS!!....OK let's go.... (long silence with writing and tearing sounds.....)... what are your categories? what colour did you use for self-care?.....etc. etc,....

and so on. And when we were done we shared all our goals. It was a really fun, spontaneous mother daughter Skype experience.... and I wanted to share the results with you, in case you'd like to join us, and share your goals here, or post your goal list on your own bog... you can link it here in the comments too if you like!

** update May 7 -- I'm really happy with how well this goal setting strategy worked! I've updated below...**

My April Goals include:

In the Career category,
  • give The Artful Life blog a makeover  Done! I hope you like it!
  • launch the site for my fledgling business Artful Design Took more than a month! added to May goals
  • take an e-course over at artbizcoach.com Done!
  • apply for another year of funding for my community arts marketing initiative (cross your fingers for me!) Done! We'll hear the news later in May... keep those fingers crossed!
In the Health and Self-Care category,
  • get a gorgeous new haircut and highlights Done! Check my new pic!
  • take weekends off. seriously.  Done! This  as probably the best, most life changing goal I accomplished this month.
  • re-establish a good sleep routine Nope. Need to do in May.
  • lots of beach walks Does running count?
  • keep up with 5x weekly meditation and yoga Done! Yes meditation. Added yoga to May goals. (meditation makes my marriage better, seriously.)
  • start some type of cardio Done! OK I'm really proud of this. I started running again. After a 19 year hiatus.
In the Home & Garden category
  • spring garden clean up
  • plant veggie bed!
  • dig two new beds in front of veggie garden for ornamental grasses and hardy meadow flowers Done, Done, Done! I totally rocked the gardening this month. I did all this and much much more. So who wants to be inside painting the bathroom and online fabric shopping? Next two goals get moved up to May.
  • finish the bathroom makeover I started in December (I'll show it off here)
  • find beautiful fabric for livingroom slipcovers. I want something with cobalt blue, white, and Tiffany-box blue, a large scale happy print with East Asian flair. any suggestions?
In the Fun & Social category,
  • dinner party for friends, italian food. SO FUN!
  • go to my friend's art opening Oops. had a falling out with the friend. Didn't go. That's the reality.
  • get ready to participate in a dance flash mob Nope. Too busy with work.
  • start art journaling for the Sketchbook Project Denman Island Um, no. Too busy organizing the project to actually participate!
  • plan and take an adventurous daytrip with my sweetie. Um, no. Wait, does plant shopping count? Obviously this category needs more attention. We did enjoy our weekends in the garden though!
Whew! It looks like a fun, busy month! What's on your agenda?


creativehealinggoddess said...

I love I am placing goals for my facebook moon circle so i will post a link... I will be back with my goals.

island goddess said...

Love it Bronwyn. Thanks for inspiring.

Bronwyn said...

Thanks goddesses,I'm glad you are inspired! And yes I want to see your goals!!!


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